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Is climate change really affecting us?

Impact of Climate Change on Human Health and what we can do to avoid it 

Changes in the greenhouse gas concentrations and other drivers alter the global climate and bring about countless human health consequences. Environmental consequences of climate change, such as extreme heat waves, and degraded air quality, changes in precipitation resulting in flooding and droughts, intense hurricanes,rising sea-levels , affect humans directly or indirectly in physical social or economic way as well.  For instance, changes in precipitation are creating changes in the availability and quantity of water, as well as resulting in extreme weather events such as intense hurricanes and flooding.  Climate change can be a driver of disease migration, as well as aggravate health effects resulting from the release of toxic air pollutants such as children, the elderly, and those with asthma or cardiovascular disease.

Certain adverse health effects can be minimized or avoided with  adaptation strategies. Strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change can prevent illness and death in people now, while also protecting the environment and health of future generations.  Mitigation refers to actions being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enhance the sinks that trap or remove carbon from the atmosphere. Adaptation refers to actions being taken to lessen the impact on health and the environment due to changes that cannot be prevented through mitigation. Appropriate mitigation and adaptation strategies will positively affect both climate change and the environment, and thereby positively affect human health. Some adaptation activities will directly improve human health through changes in our public health and health care infrastructure.

These methods are though likely to bring a change but for a major and a long term change we need the help of certain detailed and well planeed policies in this area .which should not only just talk about this issue but should also lay down a pathway targeting a clean safe and a healthy environment for which even 2 or 3 decades might be seem short.these policies should also lay down plans on creating zones, making government sponsered communities, not only taht but the importance of the conservation and sustainance of the environment should also be included in school curicula , Inorder to bring this up as a big and major threat these plans are need to be implemented

Furthermore the diseases, disorders that come with this threat should be discussed at all levels of a society regardless of the age and level and mental maturity and is to be made a matter of national security if we want to save our children future. Certain diseases that are related with this global threat includes

  • Asthma, Respiratory Allergies, and Airway Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
  • Foodborne Diseases and Nutrition
  • Heat-Related Morbidity and Mortality
  • Human Developmental Effects
  • Mental Health and Stress-Related Disorders
  • Neurological Diseases and Disorders
  • Vectorborne and Zoonotic Diseases
  • Waterborne Diseases
  • Weather-Related Morbidity and Mortality

On a funnier note if we are not able to follow such plans due to our laziness, and sluggish human nature as it requires all individuals to work on their habits and surrounding. We might as well start finding a new home in the universe